General Term & Condition


A. Payment Terms:
1) The Client agrees to pay the Contractor an initial 50% of the estimated contract, 40% progress payment and another 10% upon the completion of the contract.
2) Progress and final claim must have cleared in our account by the payment deadline; which is 7 working days upon invoice date. We reserved the right to charge 5% late payment per month.
3) Should the Client be in default during the on going construction, the Contractor has the right to give notice and may stop performance until the Client corrects the default within fourteen (14) working days.
4) Payments should be made to the Contractor in bank transfer or cheque and will be given an acknowledgement for payment received.
B. Construction Bond and Permit :
1) All concerned permits from local authority and management department building for the construction phase cost not be included.
C. Work Schedule and Additional Works :
1) Kindly be informed additional or omission of scope in renovation and construction works is normal. This is however, may cause in prolong construction period and additional or omission in final claim.
2) Estimated work done is ____ month subject to no additional works or scope.
3) The Contractor have the right to charge an extra fee of 10% from the total value of project if and when the client requires fine detailing and meticulous work finishing. These kind of detail and finishing require our workers’ extra attention which in turn will cost more time and effort thus justifying the extra fee to produce said quality output.
D. Compliance and Completion : 
1) Should the Contractor fail to meet the agreed requirements, the Client may notify the Contractor in writing that the Contractor is in default and will be given up to sixty (60) business days to act. If the Contractor fail to comply or respond within the given period, the Client may correct the default and deduct the cost there of from any payment due to the Contractor or terminated the Agreement.
2) If the Client decides to terminate the Agreement with no solid reason, the Contractor shall be entitled to payment for services rendered until termination of contract.
3) Any deposit payment been made by Client, strictly no refund after work start, the Contractor shall be entitled to payment for services rendered until termination of contract.
4) Upon completion of construction, works warranty will be given as following;
Project value less than RM75,000 = 2 months warranty
Project value less than RM150,000 = 4 months warranty
Project value less than RM300,000 = 8 months warranty
Upon the warranty end, the Contractor shall be automatically waived from any responsibilities.


*Our term and condition may be changed depend on the project size and complexity.